Super Festival in Bucharest: a movie festival created by teenagers for teenagers

super festival7682_o

A movie festival dedicated to teenagers is currently open in Bucharest. The festival, called “Super Festival de Filme Facute de Adolescenti”  includes materials created by teenagers: movies, music and graphic. The festival’s purpose is to fight against depression and alienation.

The event, that takes place between May 19-22 is created by teenagers. People interested in attending can watch films at the Elvira Popescu cinema, visit an art exhibit on School Street and go to special parties and concerts at Green Hours and participate in a photography workshop. The event also includes a national and international competition.

Several movies compete in the international competition:

Touche (R: Frederic Hainaut, Louise-Marie Colon, Anne-Lore Baeckeland) – Belgium

78 (R: Oliver Marsden)- Australia.

The Isolation Experiment (R: Chris K. Daniels) – USA.

You’re Such A Teenager (R: Robert Gordon) – USA

Pause (R: Sebastian Marsten) – Australia

Lola & Elaine (R: Tia Mayer, Chris Razniak, Thomas Wade, Piper Conley, Jayden Gillespie, Ceren Fitoz) – USA

The Apostle (R: Macy Armstrong) – Canada

With God (R: Lauren Loesberg) – USA

The Talking Guts (R: Ivo Loyola) – Mexico

Goddess Durga (R: Amritendu Roy) – India.











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