Two children return money found on the street



Two students from the Decebal National College in Deva have found a big sum of money in an alley in the park.Although they could have spent the 800 lei ( about 180 euros) they found, they decided to return it.

Paul and Dragos say that they were walking in the park around the fortress when Dragos literally stepped on the money. They admitted they did not know what to do with the money so they decided to go to the city council. They first wanted to go to the police but they were not aware where they could find it.

They said that if they found a smaller sum of money, under 5 lei ( around 1 euro) they would have kept it. According to, there was another case in Deva city where two children also found a big sum of antique money ( called koson) and they were awarded by the prime minister.










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