150 NGOs gathered to celebrate civil society in Romania


150 NGOs from Romania participated at the seventh edition of the ONGFest in Bucharest. The event, that celebrates civil society in Romania also invited NGOs from Bulgaria, Kosovo, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Moldova, Slovakia and Hungary.

The groups were able to be involved in debates, workshops, informal activities and concerts. The theme chosen for ONGFest in 2016 was civic innovation as many times organizations need to find unconventional creative ways of acting and they need a lot of creativity to create a difference. The organizations were also ready to answer any questions from the public, in a tent area called ” Administration open to citizens”.

The NGOs participated in drawing and knitting workshops, competitions and movie projections. Several traditional dance and singing groups performed on stage for the public. Moreover, visitors were able to see a special electric car which was brought for the event.









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