“Dogs” directed by Bogdan Mirica wins critics award at Cannes festival


Romanian director Bogdan Miraca’s “Dogs” has won the International Society of Film Critics (FIPRESCI) award at Cannes festival. The critics also gave an award to a German-Romanian comedy-drama “Toni Erdmann”.

Bogdan’s Miraca’s “Dogs” tells the story of a man who comes to a village in the Romanian countryside with the purpose of selling a land that he inherited from his grandfather. Several strange events lead him to discover that his grandfather was a crime lord.


The German-Romanian comedy drama focuses on a divorced father who loves to do practical jokes to his friends. He decides to visit his daughter, a very serious manager, who works at a corporation in Romania. The father thinks her daughter is quite unhappy and tries to pull several jokes to cheer her up but he ends up embarrassing her.






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