Romanian researchers win International microrobotics competition


A team of researchers from Valahia university in Targoviste city have won two out of three challenges at the Mobile Microrobotics Challenge 2016 in Stockolm, Sweden.

The team consisted of: Conf. dr. ing. Ioan Alexandru IVAN, Conf. dr. ing. Florin DRAGOMIR, CS. dr. Ioana Daniela DULAMĂ, ACS. drd. ing. Ion Valentin GURGU, ACS. drd. ing. Ioan Alin BUCURICĂ, Masterand ing. Nicolae Gabriel RĂDULESCU.

In the competition, microrobots that are of the diameter of a human hair, face off in several tests of autonomy and accuracy.

The competition took place between May 16-19 at the Waterfront Congress Centres in Stockholm Sweden and it was organized by the International Conference Robotics and Automation. Over 2400 researchers have participated in this competition. The objectives of it is to find innovative solutions on a small scale to be applied in the future in the biomedicine and nanotechnology field. The applications are meant to be used in manipulation and sorting of cells, minimally invasive surgery and assembling of structures at a micro and nano metric scale.












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