Romanians abroad celebrated on May 28 in Cernauti


The Day of Romanians from around the world will be celebrated in Cernauti, Ukraine on May 28 2016. The day will be celebrated through a traditional music concert with artists from Romania, Ukraine and Moldova.

Famous Romanian singers will participate at this event: Stefania Rares, Elisabeta Turcu Juverdeanu, Cristian Pomohaci, Nicolae Datcu and Stela Botez. The artists will be accompanied by the National Orchestra of Romanian Society of Radiodiffusion with conductor Adrian Grigoras.

The event will also have a special guest, Ilia Caras who will launch his new album ” M-a cuprins un dor de-acasa”( I long for home), a collaborative album with the “Lautarii”national Orchestra  in Chisinau, conducted by Nicolae Botgros.

Other guests include Elize Stan, a traditional music TV producer and Violeta Ianculescu, producer at Radio Romania.









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