Romanian artists participate in a festival in Portugal

portugese festival photo

Romanian artists are currently participating in a festival in Portugal that celebrates international communities. The Saberes e Sabores de Outras Gentes festival is organized within the Contemporary project with the support of the Romanian Cultural Institute in Lisbon and the Redondo Cultural Centre. The event take splace in the city of Redondo between May 19-29 and has guests from different countries, such as China, UK, the Republic of Cape Verde, Brasil, Tunis, Belgium and Netherlands.


The Romanian artists that present at this festival are: Ion Grigorescu, Mircea Roman, Mihai Sarbulescu, Andrei Rosetti, Crina dobre, Daniel Nicolescu and Mihail Alexandrescu.

The guest artists will show the atmosphere of the festival through drawings and paintings and their works will be exhibited in the cultural centre of Redondo.

According to mediafax, Radu Boroian, the president of the Romanian Cultural Institute stated that he is glad that Romanian people and Portuguese people  get along well and this is in particular shown by the good relationship between the artists.







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