Romanian wounded while trying to stop robbery in Italy


A Romanian man tried to stop two men that were robbing a tobacco shop in a neighbourhood in Lamezia Terme, Italy. The Italian newspapers note that he was in the neighbourhood when he heard a woman screaming. He entered the shop and found the robbers. While trying to stop the robbery he was wounded by a gun shot and ended up in hospital. He is now in a stable condition.

The man who stopped the robbers, Ivan George Sandu was then praised by the civil society and the mayor.

Pino Morabito, the president of the San Nicola cultural association has praised the hero in the local newspaper Calabria News.  The newspaper noted that the courage that the man had to get involved in such as serious event is inspiring, especially in a moment in history when there is a tension between foreigners and locals.

Pino Morabito also pointed out that many historical centres in Italy are not properly protected and is hoping that what happened might change the way authorities handle security. He noted that there are many foreigners that live in the historical areas of the city, however locals ignore them or reject them. This event might just change local’s prejudices about foreigners.










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