Google, Instagram, TripAdvisor and Yahoo are coming to ICEEfest in Bucharest


Bucharest will host the largest internet festival, ICEEfest in June 9-10, 2016. Over 100 speakers will be present and visitors will be able to meet the biggest names in the industry, such as Google, Instagram, Yahoo, TripAdvisor and Linkedin. International TV channels like BBC and CNN will also come at the event.

This is a great opportunity for people interested in social media to network and look for opportunities to invest. The event include intensive training with international speakers and trainers. The festival will be opened by Netflix, who tries to enter the Romanian market at the moment.


The event will include workshops with different themes, such as creativity, content, advanced techniques of monetisation for online traffic, technologies that help to generate sales, creating viral campaigns, using virtual reality.

 The event will also include debates about using digital technology in the field of medicine, a gadget show, stand up comedy, live concerts, short movies and a summer playground.











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