Stefan Guzu: the story of a Romanian elected as mayor in Germany


Stefan Guzu from Romania has been chosen as a mayor of Ivenack commune in Germany. The man was born in Romania, however he has been working in Germany as a police officer for 20 years. Now, he has been chosen by the locals as a mayor in his commune. However, the job is purely volunteering, as he does not receive any form of salary.

Stefan Guzu was born in Poiana Ilvei, Bistrita county and has tried to get into the police force in Romania without success. He moved to Germany, where since 1997 he has been able to work as a police officer. Now, in the Ivenack commune, which is located in the Macklenburg county, in the north of Germany, he is a mayor for only 900 residents. the idea for running for the mayor position came from the Ivenack firemen, who he helped find funds for a new fire truck.

The firemen thus, proposed him for the mayor position and Guzu was elected in 2014. Stefan Guzu and his wife, a German local, are volunteering at the city hall and so far he managed to set solar panels, built a retirement home, renovated the main street like it was set 300 years ago and created an office space from a run down building. He has also organized a special street cleaning programme with the help of the local volunteers.

It might sound strange that he does not get a salary, however in this area there are 12 communes that have volunteers as mayors. The communes are united as a district under Stavenhagen city. The mayor is allowed to use funds to build wind mills, support farms, maintain tourist areas, renovate buildings and modernize streets.












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