Romanian praised for saving drowning man in Germany

hero saves manori

Luca G, a man of 42 years old is considered a hero now in Cologne, Germany, as he saved a man from drowning.


German newspapers report that on Wednesday, around 11 o’clock in the morning, Luca was walking around Riehl area looking at the river Rhine. He suddenly noticed a man who fell in the river. One moment later, all he could see was just the hair of the man. Luca realised that the man will drown and ran to the river bank. He said

” When I reached the bank all I could see was one hand. The rest was under water. I threw myself on the ground, I reached his arm and pulled him back, dragging him slowly outside the water.”



A man who was jogging in the area saw what happened and called the ambulance. The police talked to Luca, but because he cannot speak German properly he could only mime how he saved the old man. The 61 year old man was transported with a helicopter to the hospital and has now fully recovered. The police declared:

” A man from Cologne slipped on the dam, he probably lost his balance and fell in Rhine.”” He was lucky that mr G. reacted so fast. With a very fast influx, he would have probably not managed to get out from the river all by himself and he would have drowned.”











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