Over 3,000 spectators at Transylvania Film Festival opening night

Transylvania film festivaln

Over 3,000 people participated at the opening of the 15th edition of the Transylvania International film Festival on Friday evening. The festival’s first night was held in an open air theatre in the centre of the city, which was built for this event.


The event opened with the movie “6,9 on Richter scale” by Nae Caranfil. The spectators also enjoyed a spectacular show with aerial acrobatics performed by Transe Express from France. The festival is held between May 27-June 9.


The opining night had special guests- Andreea Esca, Cornel Ilie and Dumitru Prunariu, the first Romanian astronaut. The austronaut was invited to celebrate 35 years since his first space flight.

The event also had more special guests- the mascots that promoted the festival in a series of movie inspired funny videos- Amalia ( inspired by Amelie), Terminatul ( the Terminator), Taxidermistul ( Inspired by Taxi). The actors were invited to share their experience of being actors for a day.

The main organiser and founder of the festival, Tudor Giurgiu has also shown a movie about how the city and the festival changed in 15 years and has introduced an Instagram campaign called #TIFFMoments. During the campaign, people will be able to see instagram shots on interactive screens installed in the Unirii market and other locations around Cluj.

Sophia Loren will also have a special appearance at the event, as she will be given an award for her career.



source: ziarulmetropolis.ro







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