Romanian women race in high heels during “Women at Matasari” festival in Bucharest


Women on Matasari_n

An unusual festival called ” Femei pe Matasari” ( women on Matasari street) brought together thousands of people to celebrate the history of this Bucharest neighbourhood.

The festival had lots to offer: concerts ( from Vita de Vie, Mouse N’Monkeyz, Space Needle, A-C Leonte, The Pixels, The Dream Diggers), a silent garden, theatre plays in open air, women biking and classical music and…a running on heels competition.

The festival on Matasari street celebrates the unique history of this area. 300 years ago merchants were selling silk in this area. Now it is known as famous area for escorts. The street is located in a neighbourhood that was rather poor. The merchants selling here were called matasari, because they were selling ” matasuri” (silk clothes) at the market. In 1920 the largest publishing house, “Cugetarea”, was established here. Many books written by well known writers, such as Victor Hugo, Dostoievski and Mircea Eliade were published. According to Pro Tv, Mircea Eliade had a special connection with this street. The publishing house was here and his grandparents also lived here.

Another nearby street, the Mecet street also has an interesting history. On this street, there is a Turkish cemetery where Ottoman soldiers were buried 300 years ago.













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