Team of Romanians to participate in the world’s toughest row


Three Romanians will sail over 5,000 km in 60 days in one of the toughest competitions in the world ” Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge”.

The team is participating in a competition that gathers many teams from around the world with the purpose of raising money for the environment and for disadvantaged children. The team will travel on the Gomera- Antigua route with the purpose of raising money for building a medical campus for children with rare diseases in Adunatii Copaceni.

The competitors, Andrei Rosu ( a blogger, motivational speaker), Vasile Osean( medical doctor for the national sports teams) and Emil Curteanu ( business owner and former sailing boat competitor) form the first Romanian team that will cross the Atlantic.


The competition has very strict rules, such as the fact that the team will not receive any support from the exterior, during the race, the members of the team will have to face many challenges, such as lack of sleep, paddling in two hour shifts for two weeks. Also, the boat can only be built from certain materials and cannot be repaired during the race. The team has to prepare for two years before the race. The members have to learn to navigate, know how to swim and have to go through a test of crossing the Black sea in a paddling boat.










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