How one young woman turned lavender into a successful business

Simona Maricean_n

There are many examples of people who return to their home country and establish successful businesses. One of them is Simona Maricean.

Simona Maricean is from Ileanda village, Salaj county. She has lived for 15 years in France, in the Provence area, where she fell in love with the culture of lavender. When she returned to Romania she started her own business and planted 2,500 metres with lavender.

She said

” It was an experimental culture, because I wanted to see what it needs, if the type of lavender chosen- lavanda Angustifolia Blue Scent- can accommodate to the soil and temperature conditions of Ileanda village, because the area is at a high altitude and in the winter the temperature is very low”.

Simona Maricean_12n
According to Adevarul, Simona Maricean is now producing lavender satchels, bouquets, decorations, natural soaps, perfumed candles, body oils and creams, bath salts, vases and small furniture with lavender theme .

Her products are bought by many people from France and Italy.







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