Prince Charles opened rural training centre in Transylvania


Prince Charles
(AP Photo/Andreea Alexandru) ROMANIA OUT

Prince Charles has just opened a training centre in Viscri, Romania. The centre was created in order to encourage farming, sustainable development and conservation in the area.

According to Seattle Times, the centre called ” The Prince of Wales’s Training Centre” is located in an 18th century converted barn.  The prince is hoping that this place will help local residents acquire skills and increase employment.

This year at least 150 people will ” benefit from free training in heritage preservation, farming, traditional fabrics and how to start a business in the countryside, which is always, of course, an enormous challenge”.

Ana Negru, one of the locals that still stitches traditional clothes was excited about prince Charles’s initiatives. She said ” he is natural and knows how to be pleasant with people…words began to flow and it was very easy to discuss with him. He empathized with us … he asked us whether we sew every day and whether we enjoy traditional stitching.”

Prince Charles is interested in preserving Romania’s cultural heritage as he visits Romania quite often and he also had several meetings with Romania’s president to discuss its rural development and preserving of traditional architecture. Apart from this training centre, Charles also own two properties in Transylvania and has set up a charity to support the country’s heritage.









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