Romanian sports commentator sets world record

world recordt

A Romanian sports commentator has set a world record for the Most Successful Radio Sports Commentator. The award was given by the World Record Academy to Ilie Dobre.

The commentator was considered highly successful because he published over 43 books, he received a National Award from the Romanian president, and has also set six world records recognized by the World Record Academy. Ilie Dobre is a sports commentator for Radio Romania News and has commented over 1,500 live football matches from diverse events, such as the European championships, World championships and national leagues.

His other world records are for Most Books Published by a Radio Sports Commentator, Longest Broadcast of a goal without breath ( 31 seconds), the longest broadcast of a goal with one respiration ( 1 minute 8 seconds).

You might wonder how Ilie Dobre managed to write so many books. According to World Record Academy, he said

“I wrote in a hurry all the time and I succeeded to publish three or four books each year. I wrote mostly in the evening and during the night, because during the day I was busy with the activity from the radio. I wrote only out of passion, the published books did not bring me much material benefits.”

Watch the longest broadcast of a goal here








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