Can’t afford to care for your sick dog? A social vet clinic in Cluj can help you out

veterinarian cabinet_o

The first social veterinarian clinic in Cluj opened this week. The cabinet was formed by a group of young people under the umbrella of the Transylvania Animal Care organization. The young doctors hope to help organizations that want to save animals and also to help individuals and people that own pets but do not have enough money to care for them.

The clinic was officially opened on June 1st 2016 thanks to funds that were raised during a sterilization campaign in 2015. The cabinet will be a source of income for the doctors so they will be able to work without having financial concerns.

The association is working together with other NGOs that focus on people with low income who want to care for their pets but cannot afford it. People thus, will pay a very low price for services, compared to the normal price other private veterinarian cabinets practice. Customers will pay prices according to their low income.

Customers will pay for example for the sterilization of a dog only 30-50 lei, compared to 200-600 lei they would normally pay in a private vet office. The doctors are not looking to compete with other businesses, they only want to help people that cannot afford to care for their pets. Many times people with low income do not take their pets to the vet, even if the animal needs it, because of high costs. The doctors often offer low prices to special medical cases and they collaborate with other NGOs.





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