You can now find local farmers in your area thanks to this online platform


If you are fed up with the low quality of vegetables and fruits from the supermarket and you wish to buy organic, local products from real farmers, you will be able to do it thanks to a special platform. The website was created by two women, Ada Teicu and Madalina Ciocoiu who felt it is important to help small farmers.

The website is very easy to navigate and the farms are categorized per county. The website has a map that will show you where the farmers are located. People can find out from the website where the farms are, what products they offer, how they care for their farm and what motivates them.


map of farms


Ada Teicu said

” PlatFerma is the way in which we find, know and learn about producers from Romania. In fact, it is an online platform where the farmers can show the diversity of their products and gourmands can find local food, grown naturally, locally. The same way employees can exchange information at their work place with their colleagues, farmers can inform themselves about how other farmers organize their work in their field, the agriculture. Here they can become more visible, they can know each other, learn to support each other and create alliances to feed the need of people they serve”.

Apart from showing a map of local farms, the website also has a section ” Made in Romania” that promotes products made in Romania, such as traditional blouses, traditional furniture created in Sibiu and traditional markets.


 the PlatFerma website
facebook page: platferma







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