Over 300 young artists to participate in George Enescu festival

george enescu festival

Over 300 artists from 48 countries are going to participate at the George Enescu international competition. The competition will take place between September 3-25 at the Ateneul Roman. The theme of the event is “fulfilling dreams”.

The deadline for signing in for the event closed on June 1st. The judges will select a final list for the competitors who will perform in September.

The event has competitors from 48 countries. South Korea has a high number of participants- 71, Japan has 33, Romania-20, China-19, USA-17, France-17, Russia-17, Germany-9, United Kingdom-8, Italy-8, Iran-2, Afghanistan-1. There are 139 violin players, 83 for cello, 64 will play the piano and 31 will compete for composition.

The competition has prizes worth over 100,000 euros and the winners will also be promoted at the next year’s festival.




source: festivalulenescu.ro




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