Engineers create Tracia, the first Romanian caravan


The first Romanian caravan is currently being built by two Romanians, Gabriel Bugnar and architect Cristian Silviu Valentin. The caravan is called Tracia and was created for 4-5 people, with a weight of 900 kilograms, a length of 5,5 metres, a width of 2,1 metres and an interior height of 2 metres.

The caravan has standard utilities such as cold and hot water, shower, toilet and a sink, a gas cooker, a fridge, a stove to warm the room, electrical sockets, a gas cylinder, drinkable water reservoir and a used water reservoir.

Tracia caravan

There are also optional features such as an air conditioning system, solar panels, Wi-Fi, TV and satellite reception. The author of the design is Cristian Silviu Valentin and he was inspired by the first Romanian van that used to be popular in the 1960’s.


According to, Gabriel Bugnar stated

” After finalising the technical project, the production of the prototype will be undertaken ( two copies), then tests will be done and then it must be approved. Then, on the basis of the prototype, the series production will start. Vali researched, learnt and studied all he could find about vans, from today to the old times. And every line, every shape, every volume has a justification that comes from somewhere and goes somewhere. The main points from his concept will be found in the next products, a tourist caravan for young people, small, compact, for two people and a commercial caravan”.








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