That’s determination! Olympiad silver medallist travels 25 km every day to school


While some of us take education for granted, other people have to really fight for it. For example, a student from Negrileasa village, Stulpicani commune travels each day 50 kilometres to reach his college in Gura Humorului.

Alexandru Big is not just a common student. He has won the silver medal at the Chemistry International Olympiad ” D.I. Mendeleev” in Armenia in 2015.

Alexandru, who is currently in grade XII at “Alexandru cel Bun” national college, has also won several other awards, such as mentions at the  Chemistry National Olympiad.

According to, Alexandru stated

” Regarding this year’s performance, as well as the previous year’s, at this discipline, I can say that I also got a MECS mention at the National Chemistry Olympiad, a special mention last year at the same competition as well as a qualification in the national chemistry team, and in grade 10 only a qualification for the national stage. I have also received several distinctions at national competitions and other disciplines, such as maths and physics.”

Alexandru Big owns his success to his supportive teacher, Mariana Zup, who coached him for the Olympiad. She noted that the student is highly intelligent but he is also hard working. Mariana Zup added that together they have worked hard for four years of high school in the lab, studying theories and testing them. The teacher said that it is hard to compete with students from Bucharest that have higher financial possibilities and the fact that the city is one of the largest university centres in the country.

Alexandru Big is planning to attend the Medicine University in Cluj-Napoca and wants to stay in the country after graduating.










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