Adopt a puppy today at dog event in Satu Mare city


A special event was set today in Satu Mare city to encourage people to adopt dogs. The event takes place today between 10.00 a.m and 4.00 p.m. in from of the Telekom building.

The organizers hope that people will adopt one of more dogs that were brought at this market. The event is organized by Freelife association. Freelife association is an NGO that cares for abandoned and strayed dogs in Satu Mare area.

Freelife SM is the only shelter in Satu Mare existing entirely from donations and the good will of locals. As opposed to the city-run dog shelter, Freelife does not euthanize any of the stray, regardless of how long they need to care for them.

Apart from taking in abandoned dogs (and cats), they are working hard to find local loving homes for their dogs and are also running a strong social media campaign (including online shaming) aimed at raising awareness among people in Satu Mare, so that they take action and help end the suffering and hunger of the dogs and cats roaming the city’s streets.



Freelife facebook page : freelife








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