Ionut Radulescu: the illustrator who conquered America

new York artist37689273019895822_n

Romanian artist Ionu Radulescu is taking America by storm. He started as a child, drawing on garage walls in his small town of Bals and now he is one of the most appreciated and talented graphic designers in New York.Not only that, but he has also been promoted by New York Times for its illustrations. The artist has competed for New York Times Summer Movies Cover for 2012 and his piece was included in the 10 finalists gallery on the New York Times Website.

The Romanian illustrator is 27 years old and comes from Bals town, Olt county. He studied drawing since he was a child and was very passionate with his hobbies. He stated that he enjoyed drawing on anything he could put his hands on- the pavement, pieces of paper, on the garage walls. His family noticed his love of drawing and encouraged him by buying him magazines, special coloured papers and crayons.

When he grew up he took his passion seriously so he continued his studies at the Marin Sorescu Art high school in Craiova. He took his first job as a graphic designer when he was 16, when his host noticed an advert of a company that was looking for a graphic designer for a cereal box. He worked with them for two years.

Adobe Photoshop
New York Times winning cover by I. Radulescu

He then graduated from the National Arts University in Bucharest. Since he was a student he collaborated with many Romanian magazines and newspapers and he was commissioned even by the famous advertising company McCann Erickson in London to work for a restaurant promotion campaign. During his studies, he travelled to the US through a Work and Travel programme and he noticed that everything the Americans were doing was looking very good visually.  This encouraged him to move to the US. However he could not afford to pay for the university and had to apply for a scholarship. Luckily he won the scholarship and continued his studies in New York at the Savannah College of Art and Design and since then New York has been his home.

He said

” I chose New York because it’s the only place in the US where the best illustrators and designers are. It is a battle field with many really good people. It was not easy, especially at the beginning. It was a sudden move to New York, but I found work pretty fast and so I settled down here.”

new York Wear Your City

He noted that the standards in art are very high in New York and it is rather hard to be recognised.  However, thanks to the fact that he won the New York Times competition and his poster was published, he won many prizes and got recognition which helped him in his career. Currently he is collaborating with many American magazines and also works at and ad agency. For his creations, Ionut Radulescu is inspired from what “resonates with my inner voice—places, moments, people, color, music, movies, city life, sadness and happiness, life experiences of any kind.”

Ionut Radulescu is now hoping that in the future he will employ a team of designers and will become the creative director of an ad agency.











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