” Adopt a peasant”- a wonderful initiative created to save small farmers


More and more people living in the cities have lost connection with real foods and forgot where the food is coming from. Apart from that, the small farmers and small producers do not have the financial power to be heard and have no means to compete with the big supermarkets.

Apart from farmer’s market they cannot reach their customers. The good news for small producers and farmers is a special online platform that allows anyone to adopt a peasant. What does that mean? In other words, you establish a connection between you and the small producer and buy from them, thus supporting their livelihood.

The platform is called “Adopta un taran” ( Adopt a peasant) and what the organization does is:

  •  identifies small producers and farmers around the big cities, such as Brasov, Bucharest and others
  • they visit the farm and check their products
  • they make a short movie and photos to promote it
  • they offer buyers the contact addresses
  • the customer adopts a peasant, by choosing to buy on a monthly or yearly basis from them.
  • the customer has a dialogue with the farmer and establishes how the purchase and delivery will be made
  • the organization together with people all over the country support and save small businesses, they promote Romanian traditions and they help people living in the city get healthy organic products.


But what exactly can you buy? The organization has listed many businesses. You can get for example, fresh organic strawberries direct from the producer. This particular producer is 40 km from Bucharest.


Another producer, called Casa Zanei ( House of the fairy) from Pungesti, sells fresh vegetables and fruits, jam and honey.adopta06826913947_n

Another producer from Arges, makes delicious cheeses




The platform has many other small businesses. Their website is adoptauntaran.ro

Facebook page adoptauntaran.ro



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