Graffiti competition, freestyle skateboarding and hip hop dance battles at Urban festival in Bucharest


A festival which most teenagers and young people and artists will love, is set to be organized this weekend in Carol park, Bucharest.

The festival will have extreme sports, concerts, dance, design and graffiti.

The “UNDERval” festival wants to promote urban art and will be open for those who love…

Urban Sports

Those who love skateboarding, freestyle, BMX or freestyle scooters will be invited to show off their skills at a special ramp created in Carol park. Participants are encouraged to come with their own bicycles, roller blades and skateboards. They will also be able to see demonstrations from professional skaters and they will also be able to participate in competitions.

The festival includes concerts with music bands such as Macanache, Muze, CTC (Doc, Deliric, Vlad Dobrescu), Cabron, Guess Who and Krem.

A huge wall  and also sprays and special tools will be also set for graffiti artists to show off their creations.

A dance battle organized by Romanian Bboys and Artizthick will be set for everyone between age 7-25 and 12 dance workshops for different dance styles; house dance, hip hop, break dance, party dance, dance hall, waacking and vogue.









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