Romanian invention, that received Geneva inventions award, to be produced in Romania


A man from Maramures county, without expertise or studies has invented a 300 kg robot, that not only was awarded at the International Exhibitions of Inventions in Geneva, but now also entered production.

Adrian Tomoiaga might not have studies in the field of robotics, but he managed to invent Hexatom, an autonomous robot that will inspect, repair and maintain large dimensions pipes. The robot will now be built by a factory in Borsa. The components of it will be assembled in Switzerland.

According to Digi24, the robot is able to undertake 11 tasks that are also considered new at an international level. Thus, the robot is able to use fluid hoses,blasting, hydro blasting or to use a high pressure spray in a continuous rotation.

The robot was awarded last month at the International exhibition of Inventions Geneva and a French investor was very interested to produce the robot on an industrial scale. Now, 20 workers and students in a Borsa factory will create most of the parts of the Hexatom. The parts will be put together in Switzerland. The robot is quite an expensive one to make, as only one part costs up to half a million euros.

According to Mircea Tudor, the representative of the invention, there is already an interest and demand for the robot from several countries in the Middle East.












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