Two Romanian students win the gold medal at International IT competition

diana marin914816432_n

Diana Marin and Mugurel Enache won the gold medal at the competition thanks to their application called “Journey”, which is a virtual trip in the human body. The two students are currently studying at the Al.D.Ghica national college in Teleorman and they plan to continue their undergraduate studies abroad.

Diana and Mugurel have previously won the national competition of the Infomatrix and then they qualified for the international contest.

600 students have participated in this competition in Bucharest between May 25-29. The two students have worked half a year for this app. According to, their teacher, Dana Tataru stated:

” It is a project  started on September first 2015, a project on which they worked hundreds of hours. They have won the first prize at the National competition “Infoeducation” with an educational software that teaches physics, chemistry, computing and they said they wanted to develop something for biology. They went to the sanitary post highschool, they did research and they got this idea to do a trip inside the human body.

The application now can be used in schools during biology classes. In the game, the user is invited in a ship that goes through the human body, examines the neurons, the cells, the vital organs and gives out information about every item it encounters.

The students now hope to launch their game on the market.













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