Bike-sharing system increasingly popular in Romania

bike sharinged

Bike-sharing starts to be a popular way of transport in Romania, as only in Cluj-Napoca city, 12,000 people have made cards to use the 500 bicycles made available for free by the city council.

Since last year, when the 500 bikes were set at the 50 stations around the city, the council authorities estimated that around 600 people will use them. However, now given the success of the project, the council wants to extend it and put more bikes to use.

Apparently people have said that bike sharing is very useful, as it is free, easy to use and the stations can be found everywhere. The bikes can be used for free for an hour on the basis of an electronic card released by the council.

The system has a special software, including an interactive map and a smartphone app. through this system the council is able to know which stations have a lack of bikes or if any of them are broken.








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