Romania wins over 100 medals at World Karate Championships, beating US (66 medals) and Italy (62)


The Romanian Karate Federation WKC has conquered the World Union of Karate-Do Federations Championships WUKF in Dublin, Ireland.

The Romanian federation has won in all categories over 100 medals ( 49 gold, 25 silver and 26 bronze), beating the US with 66 medals ( 22 gold, 20 silver and 24 bronze) and Italy with 62 medals (15 gold, 20 silver and 27 bronze medals). 2,280 karate competitors from 41 countries have fought on 12 battle grounds.


The Romanian team has participated in all categories: juniors, senior, children, veterans and cadets. The competition also had a special category for people with disabilities. Wales proved to be the best in this category with 4 medals, beating Israel with 3 medals and England with one medal.

The competition included a special event, in the form of a karate demonstration by four Japanese professionals-Takeshi Tamaki Sensei, Sadahiro Makino Sensei, Masahiko Tokashiki Sensei and Tstomu Daiku.


photo by Joanne Faolan ,






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