Romanian students won global competition for inventing high tech glasses for blind people

Elevii romani au castigat competitia globala Social Innovation Relay

The Oculus Romanian team has won the Global Finals of the Social Innovation Relay, with their high tech invention- a pair of eye seeing glasses that have safety and navigation devices. The competition had over 10,000 participants from 10 countries: Bulgaria, Czech republic,  Greece, Japan, Netherlands, Romania, Slovakia, Singapore, Spain and Hungary.

The second place was taken by the Intellias group from Singapore and the third by HearttheWorld from Bulgaria.

The team is formed by a group of young people from I.L.Caragiale national college in Bucharest and they created the product with the purpose of helping people with sight deficiency to become independent.

The competition that they won, called Social innovation Relay is an educational initiative belonging to Junior Achievement Europa which is supported by the NN Group and their project sustains and encourages high school students develop innovative business concepts that solve social problems.








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