Jazz in the park festival opened in Cluj-Napoca


The festival Jazz in the Park has started in Cluj-Napoca city and will continue for seven days.

Stages were set on the Somes river banks and in the Central Park. The event has plenty of stuff for everyone- jazz, classic music, games and sports.

The festival opened with a concert by Teodora Enache and Benny Rietveld Quintet at the Arts Museum. Families with children will also be able to enjoy the concerts, as in the Central Park there are several areas created for children., such as games, painting and ceramics workshops.


People are also encouraged to bring their own hamac or blanket and relax in the chill area. Those who love climbing will be able to test their skills on the walls and also to play mini golf.

Jazz in the Park will also have many painting and sculpture exhibits, vintage market, fashion shows, short movie shows, and Glamour magazine will also be present.

facebook page of : Jazz in The park





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