Trains get beautiful makeover thanks to artists


Travellers to the Black Sea will have the chance of travelling by a more unusual train.

The train called ” Pasarea Maiastra” (Majestic bird) has already made its first trip yesterday from Bucharest towards the seaside.


The train was painted by Cristian and Razvan Scutaru, inspired from artist Adrian Felix Darabeanu who has won a creativity contest organised by Policolor. The train was offered as a blank canvas by the National Railways. The train is a result of the ” Romanian colours 2016″ campaign. Other trains are also set to be painted on the outside.  The idea behind the creation is that the bird represents the young generation’s attributes.


The general manager of the National Railways said that the company is trying to improve travelling conditions on the inside and on the outside. The public was very pleased with the looks of the train, appreciating its mixture between modern and traditional.

It took 276 hours and 300 litres of dye to paint the train.











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