Romanian students win silver and bronze at Genius Olympiad in New York


Romanian students have proved their creativity by inventing a set of audio headphones that protect hearing. For their efforts, the three Romanian teams have won a silver medal and two bronze medals.

The prizes were given by judges at the Genius Olympiad competition which was organised in the US. The competition is focused on encouraging students to develop diverse projects. The team that won the silver is formed of students from the International high school of Informatics in Bucharest.

The other two teams that won are from the Internationals Informatics high school from Constanta and the International School in Bucharest.

The team from Constanta has invented a system of street lighting that reduces costs for the electricity usage and maintenance up to 90%. The project was called ” Brightening your path”.

850 students from 65 countries have participated in the Genius Olympiad 2016 in New York.









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