Water fight to be organized in Cluj-Napoca


Unirii Market in Cluj-Napoca city will host a water fight.The wet event was organized by the international young people organization  AIESEC.

People from different countries will participate in the event. The event will not be limited to the actual water fight, but young people will also have the chance to make international friends.

A Chinese student stated

” For me, my experience in Cluj has been special, I discovered wonderful people from all over the world and I discovered myself. I cannot wait to meet more young people from Cluj-Napoca, because they are beautiful and open people, and I have many things to learn from then. And what is the best method to bring us together, than an activity full of energy that will cool us down during these hot days, which for me are something new?”

52 young people from Mexico, Thailand and Egypt will be ready to have a water fight on July 5, between 4.oo p.m.-6.oo.p.m.



Check their facebook page if you are interested- water fight






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