Former Math olympiad winners set up successful IT business



We often hear about young students winning many national and international Olympiad competitions; however, we never hear any follow-up stories about their lives. Did they go to prestigious universities, have brilliant careers? Usually even if they become successful in their careers, their stories are not seen so important to be published in the media.

Recently, has revealed the story of two former National Math Olympiad winners that have founded an IT business that is now worth 5 million. The two former classmates and now friends, Radu Constantinescu and Ioan Iacob have set up their IT business, Qualitance in 2008. Their IT business focuses on software consultancy and testing. They have both previously worked in IT companies and one of them has been teaching at the Cybernetics section at the Politechnic university. Ioan Iacob has also taught at the university but always wanted to have his own business.

They both started a small IT business, but at first, it did not work out, as they would not get any customers. They decided to take a risk and team up with IBM. It has been proven a good decision, as today they have 160 employees and 5 million euro profit. Their business now works with start-ups from Europe and US and now they also have a franchise in Sillicon Valley.








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