Arad city breaks world record for longest chain of bottle caps

world record723927728_n

The longest chain of bottle caps in the world was formed in Arad city. The chain consisted of 197,319 and broke the world record. The previous world record was held by a Belgian city and it had 87,575 caps and it was formed in 2014.

The event was held in Arad city’s stadium on July 2 and 150 volunteers worked on forming an estimated 2.3 km chain. The one made in Belgium was 442 metres. The chain was possible thanks to students from 17 schools that collected over 200,000 bottle caps in around two months. The collection was made during the Be eco! project which focused on bringing awareness on selective waste collection.

The bottle caps will not be waste, as they will be turned into eco-art.

world rec.3044514583077805_n



source: romania-insider








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