Romania wins World Dance sport competition for juniors


Romania has won the World Dance Sport Championship Junior II Standard. The competition was held this year in Timisoara city, Romania.

The event was presented by Cristian Jurcut, the owner of the Feeling Dance Academy Oradea. 70 teams from 39 countries participated. Each country has sent their best teams, the dancers that won their national competitions.


This event was opened for 14-15 year old dancers. The winners of the competition were:


1. Zicoane Heler Sebastian Alin – Copos Anca, ROU
2. Kirill Morgachev – Polina Baryshnikova, RUS
3. Karolis Burneikis – Izabele Sekaite, LTU
4. Vladislav Untu – Alexandrina Olteanu, MDA
5. Ivan Reshetnikov – Diana Maslovskaya, RUS
6. Alan Aleksander Antriainen – Alisa Dupik, EST


facebook page of Dance competition : wdsfdancesport






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