Romanian fighters win bronze medals at MMA World Championships in Las Vegas


Cristian Iorga and Raluca Dinescu have managed to secure two bronze medals at the mixed martial arts MMA World Championships in Las Vegas.

Cristian Iorga, category 70.3 has beaten Geir Kare Cemsoylu Nyland from Norway in the third tour of the championship but lost to Pieter Roedulf Roets, from South Afrika. Cristian has managed to win 10 times in his career and has only one defeat. Raluca Dinescu, category 52.2 has managed a TKO in the first round, beating Rika Hamada from Japan and then losing to Aleksandra Tonceva from Bulgaria.

At previous competitions, in 2014 Nicolo Bonati has won the silver and Vlad Mavrodin won the bronze in 2015.








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