Romanian NGO wins best company award


The “Save Energy team” has won the best company award at the JA Europe Enterprise Challenge 2016 competition. The NGO won thanks to their invention- an intelligent electrical socket that has a low energy usage.


19 companies from 16 European countries have competed with many ideas that innovate the business field, ideas that would help save energy. The Romanian team that won, has proposed an electrical socket that stops electrical products from using electricity when they are on standby. The socket has a 8-bit microprocessor that can detect automatically when the product is on standby and can stop the energy feeding.

The team behind the invention believe that if all sockets were replaced with this special socket, the usage of electricity around the world would be reduced by 10%.

Between July 6-8, over 90 students have competed in the Europe Enterprise Challenge 2016 in Bucharest, Romania. The competition was created only for students that have participated for a whole year in the special entrepenruship university programme called ” Start Up”. The “Start Up” programme is an initiative of JA Europe and it involves 14,000 students from 300 universities. The programme gives them an opportunity to start a business from an idea.

The winners of the competition



JA Europe Enterprise Challenge Awards
1. Save Energy, Romania
2. Danish Cardboard Tech, Denmark
3.Safety Chair, Denmark

European Signature Awards
1.Winner: Serafim, Romania

2.‘NN Social Innovation Award’
Winner: Danish Cardboard Tech and Safety Chair, Denmark

3.‘EY Business Vision Award’
Winner: Save Energy, Romania






One response to “Romanian NGO wins best company award”

  1. F Ritchie Avatar
    F Ritchie

    Tremendous achievement by Save Energy and other winners. EY Business Vision Award was won by Staunchh from the UK – great safety reflective cycling gloves


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