Talented Romanian dancers become world champions!



Paul Rednic and Roxana Lucaciu have won the gold medal at the WDSF World Championship Youth Standard, held in Kitakyushu, Japan.

The dance couple managed to beat teams from Letonia, Belarus, Russia, Lituania and Italy. The two dancers had quite an adventure, as they took the plane from London to Japan and after 6 hours of flying, the plane turned around and flew back to Heathrow. The flying company did not give any explanation and thus, the couple had to fly again to Japan. It took them almost two days to reach their destination and they almost missed the competition.


Paul Rednic is from Baia Mare and Roxana Lucaciu is from Timisoara. They are both national champions and European champions as they have won the Youth Open competition, beating 1400 participants from 13 countries.




source: graiul.ro


photos: Kaoring works

facebook: federatia romana






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