Bearded vulture spotted for first time in Romania, 80 years after last sighting


One of the largest vultures in the world has returned to Romania, after 83 years.

The Ornithological Society of Romania has stated that the bearded vulture has been seen flying over Romania. The vulture is one of the four species of vultures that used to live in Romania, however, it disappeared in 1933.

The bird is called Adonis and it is one of the birds that was supposed to contribute to a growing population of bearded vultures in France. The bird was freed in the French mountains in 2014 but it flew through different countries: Denmark, Slovakia, Belarus, Poland, Ukraine and now Romania.

The bird was cared and monitored through a European project called Life Gypconnect.


The bearded vulture lives in mountain areas, at altitudes between 500-4,000 metres. It measures 105-125 centimetres and weights 4,500-7,800 grams.










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