British people gather to support Romanian shop in Norwich following racist attack


Brexit determined a wave of racist acts against many people in the UK and Romanians were not spared from it. A shop owned by a Romanian woman in Norwich was attacked and set on fire during one night, shocking the whole community. This news, however, as bad as it might seem, had a happy ending. A large group of  British people gathered at the shop to help with cleaning and repairing, and they have also managed to gather 25,000 pounds in only a few hours to help the owners.

The shop was selling East European products and last week, during one night, the attackers threw a brick and then set the door on fire.

Andreea Abraham, the owner’s daughter said

” We invested everything we had in this shop, our soul, our money, everything we had it was in this store. I was shocked and upset, I could not believe someone could do such a thing, because it was on purpose, it was not an accident.”

The locals found out about the shop and in a few hours they came to help. Erick Kirk said

“This is very unusual. You ask yourself if it’s about a drunken idiot or somebody with other reasons. We are absolutely appalled about what happened and our first thought was: What can we do to help?”

Mary Lee, one of the volunteers who helped the owners stated

” I saw what happened on the news and it was disgusting. It just seemed that we had to come and find out how the lady is doing and if there’s anything that we can do to help”

The owners of the shop were pleasantly surprised by the community. Customers and even people, that did not shop there, came to help. People offered them a place to sleep, clothes and food. Volunteers also wanted to gather at least 500 pounds to help the shop and in 24 hours they managed to gather 26,400 pounds from over 2100 people.

The community also organized a march to support the Norwich immigrants and they have stuck little notes on the shop window saying ” you are welcome”, ” we are sorry you have to go through this” and ” we are with you”.








2 responses to “British people gather to support Romanian shop in Norwich following racist attack”

  1. Nisha Kotecha Avatar

    What a lovely response from the community 🙂


    1. romanian1982 Avatar

      indeed! hope is not lost!


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