Ana Ghenciulescu wins Brain Bee World Championship


17 year old student Ana Ghenciulescu has won the 2016 Brain Bee World Championship. The competition showcases the best high school students in the field of neurosciences. The competition was hosted in Copenhagen and 25 National student champions have competed for four days.

Ana Ghenciulescu has won the competition, along with a scholarship, a summer internship and a trophy. She was awarded in front of 3,000 scientists at the Brain Bee Award Ceremony. The competition had five stages and three of them were from the field of neuroanatomy, neurohistology and diagnosis. The competitors had to undertake clinical evaluations based on video recordings of patients. She has also competed in a written test and oral test, judged by a panel of specialists.

On another note, the Romanian student is also the first representative from a European nation to be awarded the top prize. In previous years, students from the US won the competition.

Ana Ghenciulescu is currently a student at the Mihai Viteazu high school in Bucharest. However, she has managed to win the award by studying by herself. She has always been interested in the neuroscience field and has read many books and internet materials about it. She became interested in this field when she was volunteering in a rehabilitation centre for children with neurological problems in Bucharest.







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