Romanian student wins Glasgow University ‘Best Graduate’ award

laura nicoara2-1

There are many examples showing that the world is full of good people. The big media corporations tend to only show negative examples of Romanians, ignoring so many positive stories.

One good example is Laura Nicoara, a Romanian student from  Buzau. She has studied at Glasgow University and she has managed to gain the titles of ” Best student”, awarded the Thomas Logan Memorial Prize (for the most distinguished graduate in the College of Arts) and the Herkless Prize (for the best female graduate in the College). Laura has graduated with First Class Honours degree in Latin and Philosophy.

On graduation day, Laura Nicoara said

” The second time I went on the stage, the representatives of the university presented the two awards and said that I had the best result of the year. I haven’t been asked much about Romania since I’ve lived here. Usually, people only ask where I’m from. At the ceremony my mother waved a Romanian flag and the majority of my schoolmates noticed and told me that it was a cute idea”.

Before moving to UK, Laura Nicoara had also participated in olympiads in Romania, obtaining grade 10 at the National Latin Olympiad, the best result recorded in 20 years. Laura continued her studies in philosophy at the Cambridge university.







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