Community shop and fridge with free food opened in Bucharest

A community shop for low income individuals has been set in Bucharest. The shop is set within the OMINIS Social Services complex.The products are free for any individuals with low income or now income. However, individuals do have to either volunteer for one hour or offer something in return,

   Over 100 people have already benefited from the products and have volunteered for the charity. They have helped in organizing and sorting clothes and cleaning the building.

The main rule is that anybody can choose two products twice a week and they can volunteer in return. Volunteers can sweep floors, wash windows, iron, dust the shelves.
People are able to donate unwanted objects to the shop. The charity stated that around 20-30 people come every day to donate all kinds of objects, without wanting anything in return. People that come to volunteer usually choose products by themselves and then ask what they cab do in return.
People that need certain products can also contact the shop and the representative of the shop will try to find it. For example a person neede a fridge and a lady asked for a baby carriage.

You can donate anything that can be reused, such as clothing, shoes, books, dishes, electronic products, books, carpets, beds, decorations.

The shop also has a fridge where people can get free food. The fridge is quite large, has glass doors and people have been donating food for a while. The idea of a community fridge exists also in India, Spain and UK. The rule is that the fridge must only contain fruits and vegetables. It is forbidden to put eggs, cooked food and fresh meat because there is a risk of expiring and people getting sick. So far 750 products were donated this month.

If you care to donate, the shop and the fridge can be found in Bucharest – Turnu Magurele street, number 17. It is open Monday to Friday,10-16.

Source: decatorevista






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