Two lawyers offer free help and support for female victims of domestic violence


Two lawyers have chosen to help abused women by offering free consultations and representation in court.

Diana Micu Olosutean and Flavia Barbur are two young lawyers that work at a private law firm. They have decided to work with an association that helps women abused by their partners and represent them in court free of charge.

The lawyers will help women in divorce cases and legal protection. Diana Olosutean stated that she works with the Atena Delphi association in Cluj-Napoca and that there are women that are very desperate and have been abused for years. Victims decide to come and ask for help only when they really need it. Volunteer Flavia Barbur stated that before working with this association, she has worked with a different one and in 6 years she saw many victims that they helped, changing their lives for the better. She says some of them remarried, have children and they have a good life. However, their work is not easy. The lawyer stated that there are risks to this job. Many times they had to ask police for help as the aggressors were attacking them even in court.

The two lawyers said that they treat around 10 cases per year and they usually ask for restraining orders. Many times when the husband notices that the woman had the courage to take attitude, he agrees with what the wife wants and agrees to divorce. In order to get a restraining order, the lawyer must gather proof that the victim’s life is in danger. This is proven by using medical certificates, witnesses, recordings. The restrictions are available for 6 months and if the aggressor does not respect them, he will have a criminal record.

The association also has a secret accommodation place for victims.









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