Creative mechanic builds his own tractor out of scraps


A car mechanic from Gorj has built all by himself a tractor. The mechanic has manually built the coachwork of the car and he has gathered the car parts from different old cars. Overall, it was estimated that the tractor would cost around 1.500 lei ( 336 euros). A used tractor costs at least 6,000 euros on the market.

According to an interview by Digitv the mechanic stated that the engine is 100% Mercedes, the gearbox is from an Aro 10, the clutch from a Moskvich, the electric motor from is from a Moskvich, the dashboard is from an Audi and the steering wheel is from a Dacia.

Vali Martin, the mechanic has wished for a tractor for a long time but due to lack of money, he thought to buy himself one. He searched the market for some parts and some of them he modified by himself.


He made the clutch case in the kitchen. He prepared many things in the kitchen, such as the engine and the gearbox.

The fuel consumption is around 1 litre of petrol for an hour of work. Vali Martin, luckily, does not need to register his tractor, because he will use it only for agricultural work. he already tested the tractor and he has started working the field.








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