Romania wins four medals at World Championship of Performing Arts

dance 06858248983411943_n

The Romanian team has won six medals at the World Championship of Performing Arts. The competition is open to dancers, singers and theatre performers.

The Romanian team has won several medals for modern dance, lyrical dance and contemporary dance.  The absolute winner was 9 year old Giada Giardinelli from Straoane commune, Vrancea county. She has won the Junior acting category

1225 Giada Giardinelli Romania
1165 Juan Villatoro Manzo Guatemala
1289 Megan Meyer South Africa



1303 Pulse Exp South Africa
1508 Duo Kamilia & Artem Russia
1227 Dance World Jr. Romania
1307 Yohanes Pasirua Indonisia
1334 Nikita Kolodin Russia
1220 Andrei Cerbu Romania
1224 Mark Mesaros Romania
1089 Chulabutra Chuenchoksan Thailand
1125 Rebecca Niu Canada


The competitors were helped by the Romanian community in California, who paid for travelling expenses.



source tvr international






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