Interested in Romania? These are the Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts you should follow

If you have ever watched the news you might have noticed that Romania is always presented in a negative way and perhaps you have never ever heard anything good about it. No one could blame you if you did not even think about spending your holiday there, considering the things that are said on TV or online. However, if you are a bit curious about Romania,there are many sources out there that promote it. Some are not official and are made by people that wanted to share its touristic areas, the traditions, the cities, the events, the everyday life.

Some of them can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. The accounts that were selected for this article were accounts that are active and write in English. Accounts that do not post every day were not selected. The list bellow is clickable so you can go directly to their account to check it out, like it or share it or dislike it.

Here are the accounts you can find on Twitter



1.Mandru Roman

-focuses on photos of cities, touristic areas and funny tweets about Romania




2.Uncover Romania

-focuses on touristic areas, traditions and positive articles




3.Finding Romania

-focuses on photos of touristic areas



4.ABC Travel Romania

-this is a Romanian travel agency that does a good job on promoting Romania and can also guide you on what to visit.



5.Paul Brummell

-the British ambassador to Romania live tweets from events, interviews Romanian expats in UK and promotes Romania in a personal and fun note.



6.Romania Insider

-a website created to cater and help expats that live in Romania, it offers besides useful information, plenty of news about local events in the area.



7. Romania tourism

Romania’s official tourism twitter account






Compared to Twitter, Facebook has a very large number of accounts that promote Romania. Some of them focus only on some areas, such as Bucharest city, Maramures county, Cluj-Napoca. Some of them focus on vintage photos, traditions, promoting businesses that create Romanian style products such as clothes and coloured furniture. Some of them focus only on one product- such as the traditional Romanian blouse, which is very popular with celebrities and Romanian women.

Accounts that focus on Romania

  1. Bucharest Lounge
  • This facebook account was created by Yvette Larsson from Sweeden. Yvette fell in love with Romania and decided to promote it because she thought it was unfair that the media showed Romania in such a negative way. She promoted Romania on TV channels, went even to the famous TED Talks and currently is trying to rebrand Romania.


2. Hello Romania

Hello Romania is a great source of stories on Romania people, small business, Romania artists, volunteers. A great collection of interviews and portraits.

3. Why I love Romania

This account posts photos of different areas of Romania. It’s great if you are not sure what to visit.


4.Romanian cultural Institute in London

The Romanian cultural institute lets you know the latest  and future events within UK.


5.Every Monday: Romania

This account posts photos, news and facts about Romania. Posts are in English and Romanian.

6. Travellers of Bucharest

This account is very interesting, as it posts stories and photos of different tourists that visit Bucharest. It is a bit in the style of Humans of New York.

7. This is Romania

This account posts different photos of touristic places.

8. Beyond Dracula

This account posts about touristic places, interviews and quite interesting articles about Romania.





  1. Un bucurestean

Street photos of Bucharest


2.Vlad Eftenie

Bucharest photos

Romania photos



Romania photos


Bucharest photos


Romania photos







12.Romania pitoreasca

13. We love Romania


This post will be updated in the future, so if you have any suggestions for other social media accounts, please feel free to mention it!




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  1. Luminita Avatar

    This is a great list, even if I’m not a foreigner. I follow some of these accounts/sites already on my social media, but I foundsome new ones that I will add to my list.

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